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I like gardening  --  it's a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.

~Alice Sebold~

Moy Grande perennial hibiscus, a Texas Superstar®

Moy Grande, perennial hibiscus, photo from Texas A&M Superstar®

It’s that time of year again, relaxing in the garden in the early mornings and evenings, and   --  preparing the yard and gardens for the heat of summer in South Central Texas! For the next three to four months, keep all of your plants, inside and outside, well hydrated.

Time spent outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine can be highly therapeutic. Fresh scents in the early morning could be just the thing to get us through another day of sequestering. Go ahead, give it a try.

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Coronavirus Updates

Dr. Connie Sheppard, Comal AgriLife Extension Service, has issued new guidance for Master Gardener volunteers to return to service.  Read about the phased-in approach for garden work days, office visits, and meetings HERE

While CMG has no scheduled face-face meetings or presentations, some organizations are beginning to schedule presentations, classes, etc.  We recommend you verify the meeting will be held prior to travel. 

Members can continue to do CE hours online without any limit.  See the announcement at lower left under ‘Online Learning’.

The Comal AgriLife Extension Office will be open but visits will be by appointment.  See the guidance referenced above.  Questions should be directed to 830-620-3440 or

Gardening information is still available!  Click on Ask A Master Gardener in the upper left corner of this page and send us your questions.  We’ll respond with informed, researched answers.  Or click on the Advice Tab above for other sources of gardening information.  


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For All: There are excellent gardening videos/webinars  at the link below

For CMGs: Texas A&M has removed the 3-hour limit for online CE hours.  Work toward those 12 CEs online.

Click for ground rules, a list of available videos, and upcoming webinars.

Spot a Painted Bunting?  Let us know.
Male Painted Bunting - brilliantly colored red, blue and green.le Green in color.

Male Painted Bunting, courtesy

Perhaps North America’s most colorful bird is arriving in our area now.  Each year this beautiful bird arrives in Texas between March 5 and May 22 from its winter vacation on the Mexican shores and Central America.  If you've seen one let us know.

To learn more about the Painted Bunting or to report your sighting click here.

The painted buntings arrived!

To see a map of the reported sightings click here.

20/20 Views from Class 2020

Webmaster's Note: has invited members of the 2020 training class to share their thoughts about class and gardening.  We'll add them blog-fashion with the latest thoughts on the top of the page.

from Trainee Tracy D.

Hoop Garden

Trainee Sue I's Garden

I am absolutely delighted by the breadth and depth of the information we are receiving from our training. Even from lockdown in a pandemic! Thank you for making these excellent webinars and online resources available to us. Thank you, Sydna and the 2020 Class Committee and our expert speakers for keeping the learning on track. And thank you classmates for bringing a cheerful camaraderie to our online adventure. Your garden pictures have been a joyous celebration of the natural world that we all love so much. And your stories, jokes, and comments build connection in this time of separation. It will be a sweet day when we all can meet again. 

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Four Seasons Garden Club Accepting Applications

Webmaster's Note:  This is the fourth in a series of articles on the garden clubs of Comal County.  Check back often for information on other clubs.

Four Seasons Garden ClubThe Four Seasons Garden Club of New Braunfels encourages home gardening and promotes better horticultural practices, civic beauty and conservation of natural resources. At their monthly meetings, they have speakers on various topics such as local birds, plants and lotions, keyhole gardens, cooking with herbs, insects and artistic crafts, among other things. They also take a yearly club field trip, which this year will be to the Headwaters at the Comal.

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