Have a sick plant?  Want to learn to be a better gardener?  Need a speaker for a gardening program?  You’re in the right place. Here are some resources that will help you do all the above!

Plant problems or questions?
Whether it’s pests on your vegetables, yellow patches in your lawn or advice for the best pollinator plants, CMG’s Ask-A-Master-Gardener is your proven source for gardening advice in Comal County.

A tomato hornworm on a tomato vine

Tomato Hornworm

There are also many online sites with excellent advice on plant problems and care tips.  Here are some of our favorites.

Want to learn to be a better gardener?

Attend a CMG Library Series Program at one of the local libraries.  They’re held eight times a year at each library.

Tune in to CMG’s radio program, Common Sense Gardening” which airs live every Saturday morning from 9-10 am on KGNB, 1420 AM.  It has advice on all facets of gardening.  (Recordings of recent shows are also available at this link.)

Pick up a Comal County Gardening Guide or a Vegetable and Herb Gardening book written and published by CMG specifically for Comal County and the Central Texas area.

Covers of CMG's gardening guides

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Or, Become a Master Gardener!  We’d love to have you join us.

Need a speaker for your organization’s meeting?

CMG runs a speakers bureau with Master Gardeners ready to present on a number of gardening topics.

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